Our Humble Beginnings


The road to Jake's Roadhouse is long and winding. Our Patriarch, Tiodolo "Tony" Banuelos was born in 1966 on Rancho el Portillo in Zacatecas, Mexico. Tony learned the value of hard work and dedication at a very early age on the ranch, lessons that would help him and his family his entire life.

The Banuelos family immigrated to Wichita, Kansas and young Tiodolo took a job washing dishes at the age of 13 in a very successful chain restaurant. Learning the duties in the kitchen, Tony moved on to an independent restaurant the next year, taking additional duties in the kitchen, always yearning to learn more about the entire operation.

In 1983, a move to California would set the Banuelos family on a path with destiny, one that would set the stage for many years to come. Tony took a job at a very popular BBQ restaurant in Pasadena, a choice that would eventually lead to Tony managing the entire kitchen. This experience would set Tony up for the opportunity of a lifetime.

In 2000, Tony was offered a position at a new and interesting restaurant in Monrovia. Jake's Roadhouse was preparing to open and they needed someone with the skills and knowhow that Tony possessed, the very skills he had learned going back to his first job in Wichita. As Jake's grew, Tony would bring on many of his trusted family members. He and his family soon turned Jake's into one of the best dining spots in the San Gabriel Valley, with people coming from near and far to enjoy the great food and wonderful service that is the Banuelos Family style. As the years went by Tony worked hard and invested in Jake's ownership, eventually taking 100% ownership in 2013. The next chapter in Jake's Roadhouse history is an important one. The neighbor to the south of Jake's was retiring and more space would become available. Tony did what he always does, he rolled the dice and took on enough space to triple the size of the restaurant, a move that has led to the Jake's that we know today.

Tiodolo remains as humble as ever, staying in the kitchen and working with his crew to deliver some of the best food around. However, you will at times see him in the dining area making sure that his patrons are happy, well fed, and looking forward to the next visit.

The next time you visit Jake's Roadhouse, make sure you say hi to Tony or one or one of his many family members working there with him. As they say, Mi Casa is Su Casa.

La Familia Banuelos